CCHS Halloween Candy Poll

Top 5 best and worst Halloween candies according to CCHS


Hunter Smith and Lucia Howser

With Trick or Treating right around the corner, everyone and their mother (literally) wants to know the inside scoop of what candy is hot this year and which ones will leave you with a bowl full of uneaten candy and disappointment. Luckily the Plume staff has done the hard work for you by putting up a poll for students to decide the Top 5 best and worst Halloween candies.

200 students were surveyed via Google Forms and here are top responses for favorite candy:

5. Skittles

4. Sour Patch Kids

3. Reese’s

2. Twix

1. Kit Kats

Sadly not Every candy can go as hard at Kit Kats, so let’s see what candy you should avoid for the 2021 Halloween season:

5. Junior Mints

4. Whoppers

3. Candy Corn

2. Almond Joy

1. Licorice

The verdict is in and the best and worst candies of Halloween have been decided. Kit Kats takes the crown for the best Halloween candy while licorice is left to wallow in self pity as the worst.

However, the most important question of all is how old is too old to Trick or Treat? According to our poll, a whopping 68.5% of  Capital City High school students believe that no age is too old to trick or treat.