Eclectic Holiday Meals


Hunter Smith

There are many meals that people have for the holidays regardless of what people celebrate. Some people have ham some have a big rack of ribs. Many people eat ham or chicken, but this is going to be about more eclectic and unique choices to indulge in over the holidays.

Last week, a Google Form was sent out to CCHS students to voice their eclectic food choices and 52 responses were recorded. When it comes to some of the more unique choices, this is what students had to say: Two people said that they ate pizza. Another person said that they eat Hispanic food for their Holidays. One lavish person said that they eat steaks for their meal. Some people just order food like takeout from a fast-food chain. Another person that is out there with their dinner is Duck. One has a soufflé and another has a seafood boil. One person has a stewed oxtail; and another has spring rolls and wontons. We even had submissions of sushi or homemade Chinese food, and tamales.

All of these submissions, sound delicious! What do you eat during the holidays? Leave a comment below!