Drip of the Week: Aaron Mejia

This week’s Drip of the Week is junior, Aaron Mejia. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why is a guy who only wears black being featured?” Like most things Aaron does, there is always a strange but entertaining story going on in the background. This week’s worth of outfits is no exception to that.


To start of the week, Aaron is pairing athletic pants and shirt, complimented with white shoes and white socks. According to Aaron, “It’s all neutral colors, so it all matches. It’s all I ever wear because it always matches.”








This day marks when Aaron first told his mother about being in this article. In response, he was forced into wearing something not black. If he didn’t wear something with color, “She would have taken away my black hoodies; That’s like three of the exact same hoodies.” Apparently this is a common threat in his household.








Today Aaron is back to his greyscale color pallet. Apparently in order to get away without wearing color, “I had a sweatshirt on to hide the fact that I’m wearing this shirt on, but it went into my backpack after I left the house.” This is a full proof plan except for the fact that this is being published and his mom will most likely be reading this.







As described by Aaron himself, “I was actually able to wear something nice because I did laundry last night.” Today he is wearing a grey crewneck along with the usual black pants.








Aaron decided to base his outfit with the weather in mind for today: “I saw it was going to be 40 degrees and I thought ‘I need to bring back the short shorts.'” So to finish off this very colorless week, Aaron is only wearing black with the spite of his mother. Along with some strange desire to wear warm weathered clothing whenever the temperatures dropped close to the freezing point.

In the conclusion of this week, it is quite apparent how stubborn a person Aaron is when it comes to his wardrobe. He refuses to wear color and refuses to wear clothes appropriate for the weather. Say what you will about Aaron’s lack of diversity in his wardrobe, but I think he has mastered the art of throwing on anything in his closet and looking good.