Review: Diamond Prints


Marci Peters

Diamond prints or diamond paintings are a mix of cross stitching and paint by numbers. You can get them from Amazon, Hobby Lobby, or Etsy, and they come in a variety of sizes and prints. They can be purchased for as cheap as $15 and as much $100+.

When you first open a diamond print, it comes with a canvas with the design printed on it and a special adhesive. They also come with the colored gems that you need that are made out of resin and little bags or containers to keep them in when you’re done with them. It comes with a stylus and wax to pick up the gems. It also comes with a tray to put the gems you’re using in so that way you can get to them easier.

Completing a diamond print is super easy. All you have to do is roll out your canvas and decide where you want to start. Then, peel up the plastic cover just in that area, so you can keep the rest of the canvas sticky. To begin the process, you have to stab your stylus into the wax in order to pick up the gems. There is a legend on the side of the canvas that shows you what color gem goes with what letter or shape on the print so you know what color goes where. You match the color you need to the shape you open the package and pour some of them into the tray, you can pour more as you go if needed. When you’re done with that color you can put it in one of the little zip lock bags or one of the little containers, make sure you label them so you can find them when you need them again. You just repeat the steps as you go section by section until your done and once your finished you can frame your masterpiece and hang it up on your wall or give it to someone important.

One important note: You should keep the gems left over if for any case you have to replace some in the future or to fix any mistakes that could happen to the finished product.

Here is a picture of a diamond print that is in progress:

Finally, here is a finished diamond print: