Drip of the Week: Olivia Taylor


Katelyn Smith

This week’s featured student is Olivia Taylor. Olivia is a current Junior at CCHS and spent the last year abroad. She was enrolled in an exchange student program last year so she spent the last year in Italy. You can see Italy’s influence in her style when she styles pieces she had gotten during her travels.

I would say Olivia’s biggest asset to her style is not her clothes but where she gets them. Most of what she wears is ethically sourced meaning they have a good carbon footprint and aren’t a part of the fast fashion industry. To achieve this goal, her clothes normally come from a second-hand store, are bought from an ethical company or simply made by herself or friends.


To begin this Drip of the Week, Olivia is has a very comfy but stylish outfit. She first layered a striped turtleneck under a jacket. The jacket is thrifted from one of her favorite second-hand stores in St. Louis and she actually researched that it is from an old insurance company. Then a cute maxi skirt that was a garage sale find. To finish off the look she has some earrings she bought in a small shop in Italy.




Tuesday’s outfit was super cute with a few mixed patterns. To start the fit off she is wearing a cute shirt that says “Unity, Equality, Love” underneath a cardigan that is a staple in her wardrobe. Then a black and white polka-dot printed skirt to go with a pair of very colorful, floral docs. Then for accessories, she is wearing earrings that are from a non-profit that employs women in Mexico to handcraft jewellery and then a bunch rings she got from either a craft fair or she made herself or from friends.


For today’s casual fit, Olivia has worn many layers to give just the right edge. She has a turtleneck, underneath a cute spaghetti strap tank top, underneath her favorite jean jacket. To pair with that she has on black jeans that were a classic cut-off DIY with some Air Force Ones. Something I found interesting was that she preferred her Air Forces worn, even though it is pretty common to try to keep them in the best condition. “I really just prefer the worn look; I think it’s weird to not want your shoes to look like you’ve worn them.”


Thursday was Olivia’s “Perfect Lazy Day Outfit”. She had on a plain black top with the same polka-dot skirt from Tuesday. Then her jean jacket that she admitted to being her “#1 Staple Piece”. Then to finish it all off she has a pair of marron Docs that she actually thrifted along with a mask from one of her favorite ethical companies, Madewell.






To finish off this very drippy edition of Drip of the Week, Olivia is back at it again with layering. She has on a periwinkle dress on underneath her oversized grey sweater. Then some cute black embellished tights, socks and platform patten-leather Docs.






Something I really admire about Olivia is her ability to balance style and ethics. Almost everything she wore this week was thrifted or made by an ethical company. I would definitely give her a pair of Bernie Mittens (if you know, you know).

Something interesting about Olivia that I have not mentioned yet is that she carries a tote bag instead of a backpack. “I first started carrying one in my purse when I wanted to stop using plastic and now I just like making them and wearing them instead of a backpack.” Olivia also finds they are a great way of minimalizing what she carries to school.

This was definitely a very cute edition of Drip of the Week and it was nice to be able to follow someone who is so conscious of what products they are consuming.