Izzy Eitel: Girls Wrestling Feature

We take a look into the perspective of a 2021 CCHS Wrestler


Adellyn Antoninka

Izzy Eitel is a sophomore and competitor on the Cavalier girls wrestling team. She is in the midst of her second season of wrestling for Capital City, and I recently had the time to sit down with her and ask her about this year’s team her career as a wrestler.

Why do you wrestle?
“It’s very competitive, aggressive, it’s just a really fun sport.”

What started your career in wrestling?
“Well, a couple of the wrestlers, guy is particular, were saying that I should try it. They were saying I would like it. So I went to one of the tournaments and I did like it and joined.”

Do you think your wrestling career has a future?
“I kind of want to go pro because it’s another aspect of career that not a lot of people think of right away.”

What are some things you want to remember from this year?
“Um, I don’t really know. I just keep thinking about how our whole girl team is out right now. It’s like, well, three of them are injured. And another has something going on. It’s kind of funny. It’s just memories, ya know? There are fun memories of the team.”

What are some humbling moments from this year?
“Well, this year, with shooting, I didn’t shoot as much as I would’ve liked to. But recently, I have been working on it.”

What is shooting?
“It’s where you drive through the knee.”

Did you guys do any team-bonding with COVID?
“Not really, we didn’t want to do a whole lot or have a whole lot of time to do stuff because of everything going on.”

What’s the best thing about wrestling?
“Feeling like you’re a part of the team. It’s also just really fun and I enjoy the competition.”