Drip of the Week: Addison Lewis


Katelyn Smith

This week is featuring the very first Freshman to be featured on Drip of the Week; a Fresh Drip if you will–meet Addison Lewis. Following her during this week is the textbook example of Freshman Fashion: simple and quick but still adorable.


To start the week Addison is going comfy and casual. She has on a cherry print bodysuit with a rainbow-striped jacket on top. Then to finish this fit off she has a pair of basic high waisted jeans and some old checkered vans. Then for jewelry, she has on a mini DIY project of a chain collecting Monster Energy drink tabs. A comfy outfit with a lot of pops of color.





Today Addison is rocking one of her favorite fashion trends, Bellbottoms. With these pinstriped bellbottoms, she has on a pain white tee so the pants could be the focus of the outfit. Then to finish the fit off she is wearing cowboy boots with her can tab necklace. A dressy but still comfy look.







For Wednesday she has once again styled cute statement pants. A perfect mix of classic, cute and effortless. With that, she has on solid black shoes and matching tee. This time for jewellery Addison took the Monster necklace off and traded it for some dainty gold earrings.







Personally, Thursday’s outfit was my favorite of this week’s. Addison was heavily inspired by one of her favorite franchise, The Addams Family, particularly the character Wednesday Addams. With that saying, she has on an olive green overall dress on top of a striped, collared sweater. Then the same solid black shoes from the day before but to mix it up some black and white striped socks.




To finish off this Drip of the Week Addison has gone for a very bright statement piece, a rainbow Hawaiian shirt. Under that she has on a white crop top, some very cute ripped jeans and the same checkered vans. A very bright end of this edition of Drip of the Week.






This concludes the first freshman Drip of the Week Feature. Something I really liked about Addison’s style was her contrasting style; either a monochrome look or a bright statement piece styled to stand out. Also, a gradual trend of Drip of the Week is thrifting or buying second-hand. Addison is among many that I have interviewed who have said that they prefer thrifting to buying new. Her motivation to do so was, “You can get cool things for cheap and it is better for the environment than regular shopping.”

I believe that Addison was a great candidate to interview as the first freshman feature. I didn’t know her before this feature and herd about her style through recommendation. And I can say I was not disappointed.