Athlete Feature: Anastasia Koopman

A Q & A with Junior basketball player, Anastasia Koopman.


Kalynn Meineker

With the regular season now in the book, the Girl’s Basketball team is shifting to Districts with their next game being Monday, March 1 at 6 PM. For this issue of Athlete Feature, we interview Anastasia Koopman, a Varsity basketball player who plays guard for the Lady Cavaliers

Q: How long have you been playing basketball?

A: “I have been playing basketball for four years now.”

Q: What do you feel your team excels at?

A: “I think this season has been a lot like a roller coaster. We’ve had our high points but at the same time, we’ve had our low points. I think this year, however, we definitely have been doing a great job at building strong relationships with the people around us both professionally and friendly.”

Q: How do you think you and your team have exhibited teamwork?

A: “If I’m being honest, I think it’s very easy to go out there and play for yourself, we sometimes need that reminder that we are a team and that we need to work together. So when all of our heads are in the game I believe that is when we show the most teamwork. We are learning that working together makes us much stronger.”

Q: What was the moment this season when you felt most like a team?

A:  “I think we feel most like a team when we can all come together not only on the court but outside of it as well. This year we’ve become more close and gotten more personal with each other as individuals rather than as another player on the team.”

Q: What do you think you’ve most improved on this season?

A: “I think I’ve learned to look at the bigger picture instead of stress over every small moment. I think that alone has improved my overall work ethic both as a basketball player and a student.”

Q: What do you believe you’ve brought most to the team?

A: “I think my greatest aspect and what I believe I’ve brought to the team is a positive attitude. I always try to keep things light-hearted when my teammates may not be having the best of days. I seriously need to see a chiropractor after carrying the whole team.”

Q: How did you stay motivated after losing a game?

A: “I think just focusing on the positives of the game; other than that the losses didn’t really phase me. I knew that the losses were just another lesson and another reason to improve not just individually but as a team.”

Q: What has basketball taught you that carries over into other areas of your life?

A: “That no matter how sorry you feel for yourself, no matter how much complaining you do, it’s never going to improve your situation. You have to learn to sometimes just suck it up, fix your attitude, and give it all you got. Also, to always bring your best effort in everything you do.”

The Girls Basketball team will play Smith-Cotton on Monday, March 1 at 6 PM. The game is at CCHS. Come support the team!