CCHS Poetry Month: Week 2


Adellyn Antoninka

In celebration of Poetry Month, I sent out a submission form to everyone willing to speak their mind. In my opinion, poetry is a way to communicate your emotions and feelings into a way everyone will understand a little bit differently. I have always used poetry to speak my heart when life took its turns and I’m sure there are many others who feel the same way.

Here are the submissions for week 2 of Poetry Month at CCHS!

Alexis Villa, Freshman: Paige


The world seems so big, yet we’re so small.

I remember jumping into the lake with you,
Your frizzy wild curls,
Framing your face so perfectly,
Your sweet laughter as your mom handed you a
yellow towel.

You reluctantly wrapped it around yourself,
Telling me about your new crush,
Giggling as you danced around your back-porch,
Eating chocolate covered strawberries.

I didn’t understand that years later your yellow towel would go around your small waist,
Immediately after you came up out of the water.

Your big sweatshirt hiding your tiny body.
You politely declined your moms offer of those bitter chocolate covered strawberries,
Which you used to enjoy ever so much.

I’m not hungry,
You told yourself.

Because your mom wouldn’t understand how desperately you needed to be skinny,
We could say you were obsessed with you weight,
Which was never low enough.

“Just not hungry”

You stared at yourself in your bathroom mirror,
Fighting back tears,
How disappointed you had become with yourself.

Throwing up every meal,
That’s what made you feel in place.

A sense of control you felt by keeping your stomach so empty,
As I watched as your waist grew thinner and thinner.

Those beautiful curls fell out with the slightest touch,
How weak you had become.

For the world seemed so big, yet you were never small enough.

Elya Barber, Freshman: The End

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I tasted from desire I hold with those who favor fire.
But if I had to perish twice I think I know enough hate to say that for destruction ice is also great and suffice.

Jean Bashore, Freshman: Drawing In The Rain

Pages soaked,
Tea watered down,
Pencil breaking paper,
Drip drip drop.

Flowers bloom,
You scribble the motion down,
The sky darkens,
Drip drip drop.

The worms crawl,
The grass turns lush green,
You admire the sights as thunder roared,
Drip drip drop.

Pages flew with the winds,
You reach out, grabbing air,
Lightning flashes,
Drip drip drop.

Casandra Schroer, Sophomore: Spring

Black eyed susans.
Single flower in a pot.
Blooming flower garden.
One for your mother.
One for your father.
One to freshen up your room.
Multi-hued tulips.
Beautiful, wondrous, majestic
fresh cherry blossoms.
Day lilies,
Chrysanthemums too,
Baby’s breath and hyacinth
Are all in spring bloom.

Adellyn Antoninka, Sophomore: Dear Lover

I love you,
I love you more than the earth and moon could love each other.
I want you,
I want you more than a kid who wants sugar.
You’re an addiction,
And I’m hooked.
You could be the night and I will be the light.
Infect me with your darkness as you feel me up and down.
Touch me as if you’re touching someone better,
That other woman would be perfect,
Wouldn’t she?
Wouldn’t you just love to feel her more than you would love to feel me?
Cause I can change myself if you want me to.
I will carve all the imperfections out of my body just for you,
Shove plastic into my chest just for you.
I’ll do it all for you.
I need you and I can’t let go.
I’ll change everything just to spend one more second with you.
So please,
Stay with me just a little longer.
I know I’m not what you want but you are everything to me,
I am a leech and I wanna attach to you.
Please don’t leave me for her or her or her,
Please let me touch you just one more time,
Let me kiss you just one more time,
Let me be next to you just one more time.
I know we’re toxic and disgusting together,
But I don’t care.
You’re the most dangerous thing to me and I must have you just a moment longer.
But you won’t stay,
You won’t love me right,
You don’t want me.
And I know it’s my fault,
So I’m sorry that I wasn’t good enough for you.

No, that’s not right,
No, you don’t get to tell me when I’m good enough,
You don’t define when I am enough,
I am who I am and I shouldn’t need you to cling to.
You tell me these lies when I was just learning to love myself.
If anyone needs a change in our relationship,
It’s you.
It’s been you all along,
Not me.
I was the one who loved you right,
The one who tried to make most of a conversation,
The one who tried to make you smile and laugh.
Sure you did those things sometimes,
But it wasn’t like how I love you.
I love the old you but not what you’re becoming.
You can no longer infect me with your new-found poison.
I am who I am and I will love me the way you forgot to.
And if you want to stay with me,
Then you’re the one who needs to remember,
Remember how to love me right.
Remember to stop comparing me to her when I know I’m better.
To stop seeing only my flaws.
So here is your offer,
Either you will love me or you will lose me.