Top 10 Best Fictional Teachers from TV and Movies

Top 10 Best Fictional Teachers from TV and Movies

Maisy Payne, Contributing Author (Capsule Yearbook)

Have you ever thought about who you would want as a teacher from your favorite TV Show or movie? After all, if we are being completely honest who wouldn’t want Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus to be their science teacher, always going on field trips every single day of school.

Here are my rankings for the top 10 fictional teachers:

  1. Mr. Feeny – Boy Meets World
  2. Mr. Turner – Boy Meets World
  3. Mr. Matthews – Girl Meets World
  4. Erwin Sikowitz – Victorious
  5. Mr. Ray – Finding Nemo
  6. Mr. Morgan – 10 Things I Hate About You
  7. Ms. Frizzle – Magic School Bus
  8. Mrs. Puff – SpongeBob SquarePants
  9. Mr. Miyagi – The Karate Kid
  10. Gabriella Kossal – Girl Meets World

So, when I think about a teacher from a TV show or movie, the first one that comes to mind is Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World. And for a good reason, have you ever seen Boy Meets World if you don’t agree with this ranking? Throughout the entire TV Show he was there for nearly every character, whether it’s being a mentor to his students or just being the neighbor that comes over just to teach a little lesson to the family next door.

Coming in at a close second is Mr. Turner, also from Boy Meets World. Now this man is awesome either way you look at him. I mean, he drove his motorcycle to school everyday and had a mullet. While I’m not the biggest fan of mullets to begin with, he made it work. He was one of the best father figures to Shawn Hunter aside from Helen Matthews, Corey’s father. 

In third place is Mr. Matthews from Girl Meets World. He’s Feeny-esque in a way, except he has more of a sense of humor. He not only taught his students great school lessons, but life lessons, a very valuable characteristic.

In fourth is Sikowitz. Now this man is great, I mean he drinks coconut milk straight out of the coconut EVERYDAY. He’s the acting teacher in “Victorious”. This man never wears shoes and came up with some of the most weird assignments, but always ended up alright in the end. The students generally learned something from him even if he wasn’t trying to teach anyone a lesson of any kind. 

In fifth is Mr. Ray from Finding Nemo--now this teacher is pretty cool. I mean he took his class to the edge of a cliff! May not have been the most responsible move as a teacher, but he seemed pretty fun teaching the other kids in his class about the “Zones of the Open Sea.”

For sixth place on this list was Ms. Frizzle. If I’m being honest, she really could go anywhere on this list depending on how you look at her. She takes her students on field trips everyday and teaches them many different things that not everyone could learn by just being in the classroom. Granted, Arnold never wanted to go but at the same time that kid definitely learned something each day. 

Coming in seventh is Mr. Morgan from “10 Things I Hate About You,” and I’m not going to lie, she is kind of a random one that I nearly forgot about. Throughout the movie he picks on one of the main characters, Kat, and it seemed like if she wasn’t in the class that he would have been a pretty good teacher. As far as a high school teacher goes he seemed like he could have been a pretty chill guy, but would put you in detention if you made him even slightly irritated, which may not be the best thing depending on what kind of student you are.

In 8th place is Mrs. Puff from SpongeBob SquarePants. Now depending on what episode you watch your opinion probably varies. For the most part, she seems to be a pretty good teacher, trying to genuinely teach her students how to drive and getting her students to be a successful driver.

In at #9 is Mr. Miayagi, the teacher from the original “Karate Kid”. I would love to have a teacher like this man. He was very patient while teaching the whole “Wax On, Wax Off” technique and when he was teaching Daniel how to literally catch a fly with chopsticks. Can you imagine trying to do that for hours on end and still be just as supportive as when you started? What a guy.

Rounding out the top 10 of fictional teachers is Gabriella Kossal. While she is not as well known as most of the others on this list, she is still an important character on the TV show, Girl Meets World. If you know the show then you would probably recognize the “Purple Cat Teacher.” Throughout the episode, she was trying to support the two girls as being friends and helped them find their way back to their friendship. Although typing that entire sentence literally made me cringe.

Well, that’s it! Who’s on your list?! Who would be the best teacher, what about the worst?