A Q&A with the new Instagram Account Trending at CCHS


Katelyn Smith

I sat down with the moderator of the Instagram page, ccgirlsgottalent, which features girls at our school and provides them a platform to be celebrated. You can message the account to be featured or to feature a friend. This interview was conducted with the moderator of the account, who wishes to remain anonymous.

What exactly does your page do?

“My goal is to uplift the girls at our school without picking and choosing who deserves that treatment. I post different girls and write a description about them and their talents. I let them pick which pictures I post and what sorts of things I talk about in the caption because I want them to feel like they have control over the image of themselves.”

What has inspired you to create this account?

“When an account that was ranking girls at our school was posted, I wanted to spread some positivity and bring the focus back to the talents that the girls at CCHS possess, not just their looks.”

Are there any personal influences that made you create this account?

“My friend and I were just talking about that account and the idea came up as a sort of response. I suggested it to my mom and she really encouraged it, so I did it.”

Do you plan on continuing this account after this situation becomes less relevant?

“Absolutely, I love writing these and I love knowing that I’m bringing a smile to someone’s face. As long as there is any interest I want to continue.”

What is the message you want to send to CCHS students?

“I know it sounds cheesy but everyone has their own unique strengths and talents. Everyone is of equal value and they should all be celebrated.”

Have you or anyone close to you been affected by the ranking?

“I think the concept of it has shaken all of us. I couldn’t fathom that anyone actually thought that way and thought it was okay to make a public spectacle out of it.”

You were asking people who were chosen for the ranking to DM you. Do you have anything special planned for your page?

“I just wanted to give them a platform to share the version of themselves they wanted to present since the ranking brought them into the limelight without their permission.”