Becoming a Cavalier: 8th Grade Interviews

Interviewing Thomas Jefferson 8th graders and what they expect at CCHS


Madison Belt, Contributing Author (Capsule Yearbook)

I interviewed a few of the 8th graders from Thomas Jefferson Middle School that will be attending Capital City High School. I asked them a couple questions each about what they expect in high school and what they are most/ least excited about. I interviewed two middle schoolers, Hannah Poe and Isabella Russell. Here are the questions I asked them and the responses they gave me.

Hannah Poe

What are you mostly looking forward to in high school?

“I’m looking forward to taking new classes.”

What classes are you interested in taking?

“I’m interested in some of the art classes they offer.”

What are you least looking forward to in high school?

“I’m not looking forward to having to find out where my classes are.”

Isabella Russell

What are you mostly looking forward to in high school?

“I’m mostly looking forward to meeting new people and going to new places.”

What are you going to miss about middle school?

“I’m going to miss my teachers.”

What are you most scared of coming into high school?

“I’m scared of not knowing where to go.”


They 8th graders are going to be expecting a lot when they come into high school. And when the do enroll at CCHS, high school will probably be stressed and scared of all the bigger kids. Anyone attending CCHS has been there. As this school year starts to come to a close, let’s look forward to the future and how inclusiveness is important. We could also help them find a class or give them advice on which class is the hardest to do. WE ARE ALL CAVALIERS!