ReCAP; Year of Firsts

A few moments of firsts in Capital City history.


Kalynn Meineker

Due to our last school year coming to an abrupt end, students and teachers had to put all of our academic plans on hold. In August of 2020, however, CCHS managed to have a good start despite the ongoing difficulties. Throughout the school year, we have come together to reach amazing goals and make great accomplishments. In honor of educators and understudy’s first full year here at Capital City High School, here is a recap of a few of our first’s that we were unable to accomplish in the 19-20 school year. 

It wouldn’t be a year of firsts without acknowledging all the amazing accomplishments our sports teams have reached throughout the 20-21 school year. For starters, Spring Sports such as boys golf, boys tennis, baseball, girls soccer, and track & field were all finally able to carry out their very first season at CC. Not only so but many of our student-athletes got to partake in playing at the Varsity for the first time.

Some of these milestones include:

October 10, 2020: The Varsity Volleyball team earned their victory in program history by defeating Calvary Lutheran 2-0 in the 37th Annual Eldon Tournament.

October 23, 2020: The Varsity Football team recorded their first win in program history by defeating the Kirksville Tigers, 13-7.

March 19th. 2021: The Varsity Girls Soccer team earned their first win in program history by defeating Moberly High School, 8-0.

March 23, 2021: Girls Track and Field mark their first official victory against Eldon High School dual. 

March 23th, 2021: Boys Track and Field place first and mark their first official victory against Eldon High school dual.

April 1, 2021: The Varsity Boys Tennis team recorded their first win in program history against Fulton High School, 9-0.

April 1, 2021: The Varsity Boys Golf team earned their victory in program history by defeating Hermann, 191-221.

April 26, 2021: The Varsity baseball team recorded their first win in program history against Waynesville, 3-1.

Next, we reminisce on all of the amazing events we were able to hold this year.

Firstly, the Student Council put on a fantastic dodgeball tournament where students and teachers all around the building were able to form teams and go against each other in honor of Sadies week. Coach Rohler and his teammates took home the win that evening. “The tournament was a lot of fun! I love any kind of competition. I told myself that I was going to take it easy, but didn’t end up doing that so my shoulder was SUPER sore for about a week afterward,” says Mr. Rohler a Chemistry and AP physics teacher at CCHS.

Saturday, March 6th, 2021, at the end of Sadies Week, Student Council held the first talent show featuring seven student acts ranging from singing to piano playing. Following along after was a thrilling hypnosis show where students partook hypnotized by a professional.

May 1st of 2021, students of the junior class were able to come together after a long year of social distancing to let loose and have fun. After receiving permission, CCHS was able to host the first-ever Junior Prom. Many students didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity. “I had a really fun time picking out my dress along with getting ready with my friends. Overall, I had a great night dancing, hanging out, and I definitely served,” said Arianna Birge (11).

Lastly, NHS is now open to sophomores and juniors that meet the academic requirements. NHS is committed to not only serving and leading within CCHS but also to our surrounding community. This year also saw the creation of new clubs including the Gardening Club, Big Future Club, and Sacred Unity. All clubs dedicated to reaching students through common interests in efforts to build strong friendships, along with increasing academic involvement. “Gardening club is a congregation of people who simply love to garden. Anyone with any level of interest in plants is always welcome to join in at any of our meetings where we love to share our gardening goals as a club and independently,” says the Gardening Club President Katelyn Smith (11).


Even though Cap City is in its second year of existence, it’s interesting to see that we are still experiencing ‘firsts.’ Unfornatally because of current events many clubs and extracurricular activities were unable to participate in competitions. Ideally in the next school year, we can continue on making these vital firsts along with creating memorable building traditions.