Ten Years Time: Where are you?

Seniors say where they see themselves in ten years.


Kalynn Meineker

As the new school year gets rolling, we finally welcomed the first senior class here at Capital City. A vast majority of these students have been here since the opening of CCHS back in 2019 when they were sophomores. Sophomores who assumingly had no care for the time that’s been passing by.  Well, the time has finally come: the big year–the one that we all know is coming, yet never realize until it hits us. In prior years, so many students were probably asked where they see themselves after high school, like going to college or what they want to be and a majority of students already know. Some students have a set-in-stone plan while others can’t even decide what they want to do over the weekend, let alone after high school. As we jump in further to the future, I’ve asked a few of our seniors where they see themselves in ten years, however, with a more light-hearted touch.

Ellie Anderson: “In ten years I see myself in a small home I built myself that I’m still in the process of renovating, while listening to Broken Boy by Cage the Elephant along with my four dogs Max, Milo, Lexi, and Boba. I will be in the middle of drawing, while also taking short breaks to jump up and down to the beat.”

Vanessa Avonce Llonos: “In ten years I see myself walking on the hot sandy beach in Miami, Florida with a drink in one hand, and my phone in the other. I’ll be watching my husband Mattia play with my little Rosita and my little Jose in the water splashing each other and jumping over the waves, all while walking to a souvenir shop just a few feet away.”

Arianna Birge: “In ten years I see myself in my psychology class teaching my students all about memory in the different types of memory, for example sensory memory. As I’m teaching my class we will have a quick brain break so we can all collectively sing along to As Long As You Love Me by the belieber himself, JB, aka Justin Bieber. Hopefully, at that point, he and Hailey will have little beliebers running around.”

Jacob Luetkemeyer: “In ten years I see myself in my very own hair salon, in the process of bleaching a customer’s hair, to then eventually go on and create the perfect shade of red for them. All while listening to the pop radio station playing one of Ariana Grande’s latest hits.”

Kennedy Schanuth: “In ten years I see myself as the fun, cool, and rich auntie, with no kids, living my best life, and traveling the world. At this point, I would have been to many different places and currently in Tokyo exploring all over.”

Genesis Contreras: “In ten years I see myself married to Tom Holland.”

Demario Jones: “In ten years I see myself as an author in the process of writing the sixth book of my Starlight series, which is a fictional book I started when I was seventeen.”

Cesar Morano: “In ten years I see myself working in the welding industry while also owning my own auto shop. By popular demand it will be called Little Cesar’s Auto Shop, in which I will be at changing tires for one of my frequent customers.”

Lizzeth Mendoza: “In ten years I see myself at a BTS concert screaming and jumping up and down to Mic Drop. I’ll have my army bomb up in the air as my lungs are slowly feeling like they’re about to give out on me.”

Holden Libbert: “In ten years I see myself exhausted, bored, and yet happy. I’d be enjoying my time at home with my family and pets. Playing games such as Monopoly where I can attempt to teach my kids how to manage their money. Of course their only source of income is the allowance we give them each week, however, you have to start somewhere right. On second thought, would I really give them an allowance? If I didn’t get any money, why should they?”

Shelby Bryan: “In ten years I see myself at the park on my day off with my two children Neveah and Chase. I will be sitting Neveah in my lap getting ready to go down the long swirly slide as Chase is playing football with a few of his buddies from school. Eventually, Chase will probably end up getting hurt and at that point that’s when having his dad, who is also my husband, on speed dial comes in handy.”

Ten years, after all, is just a little ways away.