The Unspoken Fears Of High School

Unsaid fears of high schoolers.


Luis Abonce-Llanos

Have you ever feared getting put on the spot in front of the class? Or what about failing a class and having to re-take it? Or how about being late to class and having to do the walk of shame to your seat while everyone stares at you? Well, those things should be less of your fears. While you tend to overthink about the basics, always remember that it could be worse. By worse I meaning tripping in the hallways while also farting. Can you relate?  The following scenarios are the unspoken fears we have about high school. Fears that we’ve all probably thought about, yet never spoke into existence. What would you do and how would you take in the embarrassment?

Scenario #1: Imagine the bell rung and you’re walking out of the class heading to your next one. It’s a Monday so the kids are walking a bit slower than usual in the halls. This leads to you irritated and wanting to push past all of them. (*disclaimer don’t speed walk in the hallways if you don’t want this to happen to you*) At that moment you start rushing through the halls, zooming past the students as fast as you can. It was at that moment you messed up. Your foot gets caught on the other as your speeding down the stairs and the realization that you just fell all the way down and now you’re on top of a bunch of people hits you. This undoubtedly just probably ruined your whole high school experience.

Scenario #2: Have you ever walked down the hallway and felt your undergarments slowly moving where you don’t want them? Or how about after standing up and they’re just in an uncomfortable position? Do you ever wish so desperately that you can reach back and fix it? You make it through two whole class periods until finally, you can’t take it anymore. It’ll be quick you think to yourself. So during the passing period, you move to a deserted spot in the hall to do the unthinkable. You quickly pick out your wedgie., smackdown in front of everyone. You do a quick glance around you and pray to the heavens above no one saw you. Until you look over, and that one student is looking at you dead in the eyes with disgust written all over. You think to yourself-oh crap.

Scenario #3: We all love school assemblies, well, some of us. The performance are always fun to see, however, some people have tons of anxiety when thinking about them. Honestly, it could just be because of the overwhelming amount of people in one room. Just thinking about it hurts. Let’s put this in a scenario. Say you sitting in the stands as the announcers are speaking. They announce the high school cheer team up for a performance. In the midst of their performance, you turn towards your friend to ask if she saw the move one of the cheerleaders just did. Out of nowhere, you feel a huge sharp pain hit the side of your face, and the whole crowd gasps. Eventually, all the students start to break out in laughter. You come to the realization that someone’s shoe just flew off and hit you. You look up, your face turning red out of embarrassment, and at that moment you knew that choosing to sit in the first row was the worst mistake ever. At that point, I would just move states. Or if worse, out of the country.

What are your biggest fears when it comes to high school? Leave a comment below!