Things You Didn’t Know You Needed for High School

My top 3 back to school items that you didn’t know you needed


Hunter Smith

Do you ever feel like you are being too basic and want to be different? Here are 3 things that you did not know you needed for high school. Some of these products are things that could just improve your experience or things that you didn’t know were a thing; That is the mystery of clicking on an article. 

The first product that I would recommend to add to your list is a multi-pocket folder. Are you tired of hauling around 5 individual folders? Then look no further! There are multi-pocket folders that have 13 pockets and some have 8 or even 10, so there are tons of options. These can be found at Target or Walmart. 

Another thing that you will underestimate is the number of pencils that you will need. If you are like me and lose them on a regular basis, then the more pencils the better. Graphite refills are also a necessity.

Another thing that you didn’t know you needed was gum. Whether you are bored, or have bad breath, just grab a piece and chew away. 

What’s are your essentials? Have anything you would recommend! Leave a comment!