The Do’s and Don’ts of Freshman Year


Taylor Ruch-McGee

Welcome to all the new freshman coming into CCHS this year! High school can be nerve wracking, but you are going to have a blast. Here are a few do’s and don’ts as words of advice:

#1) Do: Be respectful to your staff at CCHS: It’s all about respect! Don’t be rude, no one’s here for that. If you are nice, you are going to have so much more fun because you won’t be getting in trouble.

#2) Do: Make sure you get all of your work and projects done and turned in on time: Don’t wait till last minute do your work early cause if you do that you wont have as much stress on you because you wont be worrying on if you have completed it in time.

#3) Do: make sure you are on time to class: You could miss vital information that your teacher has given the rest of the students.

#4) Don’t disrespect your upperclassmen: It obviously goes both ways (in the fact every one should be respectful), but being respectful earns respect. The upperclassmen should be people you look to as role models and potential mentors. That being said, upperclassmen should play their part and being said mentors.

#5) Do: Make sure you have everything you need when you come to class: Don’t be under prepared. You will not be able to get your work done therefore making you fall behind and possibly missing out on credits which you need to pass high school.