Favorite Lunch Side Items

The school has many sides but here are the favorites.


Hunter Smith

There are many sides that the school serves but there are only a few that everyone picks up. This article will be the second of the series that has been made about school lunch. Here are some of the must-grab sides that the school has.

Hunter Sidebottom, 9: Carrots

Aleshia Schrimpf, 9: Cucumbers

Kaden Holleman, 10: Shredded Mashed Potatoes

Chloe Prieur, 10: Cucumbers

Benjamin Cayou, 11: Carrots

Emily Theissen, 11: Chicken fettuccini

Vaughn Coker, 12: Mashed Potatoes

Kalynn Meineker, 12: Cheesy Broccoli Rice

To my surprise half of the people that I interviewed choose a vegetable as their favorite lunch side item. This is surprising considering that the items might have been not fresh or they were bought from a less than best supplier.