Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Devine costume ideas to put together last minute


Luis Abonce-Llanos

Have you ever needed to do something last minute? Just as I’m writing this article you are currently reading last minute. Or maybe even have to choose a Halloween costume last minute? Well, don’t worry because I put the pro in procrastinating and I can teach you a thing or two. I present to you a list of the most divine and creative last-minute costume ideas that will knock people off their feet in shock at how amazing it is.

#1 Ghost: When in doubt, throw your mom’s freshly clean white sheets over your head, rip some holes in it, and your good to go! Although you better count your days cause you might be in big trouble when you return home.

#2 Trash: When you need to result to the last resort, grabbing a trash bag from under the sink in the kitchen is a brilliant plan. Throw the bag over your head and poke some holes in it and voila, you’ve got an A1 costume. This is just a little moment of humbling to remind yourself you’re a piece of trash.

#3 Aluminum foil: If none of the above costumes intrigued you, aluminum foil is a great alternative. You can call yourself tin can man. All you have to do is go rob your mom’s storage cabinet and wrap yourself in the aluminum foil. Please be cautious of the weather if you choose this one. As lightening and aluminum do not make a good couple.