NFL Playoff Predictions


Taylor Ruch-McGee

With Week 14 rapidly approaching, the NFL playoffs are right around the corner. Each team in the NFL plays 17 games and 7 teams from each conference will compete for the Lombardi Trophy. This article is all about my predictions for who will make the playoffs.

Let’s start with the Division Champion Predictions in the NFC

NFC West: Arizona Cardinals (10-2)

NFC East: Cowboys (8-4)

NFC North: Packers (9-3)

NFC South: Bucs (9-3)

Wild Card Teams: Vikings, Rams and Washington Football Team

Now on to the with the Division Champions Predictions the AFC

AFC West: Patriots (9-3)

AFC East: Chiefs (8-4)

AFC North:  Ravens (8-4)

AFC South: Titans (8-4)

Wild Card Teams: Bills, Chargers, and Steelers