The Life of a Covid Student


Hunter Smith

The following is a first-hand account of a student that had COVID. Their identity is anonymous.


“The days started as very long and tiresome then they go to even longer because of the long and sleepless nights. After the tiredness goes by in a couple of days, the loss of appetite sets in and I didn’t want to eat, and when I did want to eat, I couldn’t because of the canker sores in my mouth.”

“The sores in my mouth started healing shortly, and then coughing sets in and the throat starts getting sore because of all of the coughing. The coughing starts getting better after a couple of days.”

Contracting COVID varies for everyone, but the following treatments for varying degrees of symptoms include: For the fever and chills, you want to wear layers like hoodies or blankets. For a cough, you will need lots of cough drops and consider medicine to try and clear out the mucus. It is very important to stay hydrated the entire length of time, so consuming plenty of water is essential.