Podcast Plug: Zane & Heath Unfiltered

Introducing you to a podcast you need to listen to!


Kalynn Meineker

Podcasts are something I have grown to seriously love and become dependent on over the years. You can listen to them anywhere you are; from your bed, while in the shower, driving in the car, long train rides, or even in class during the middle of lectures… There are hundreds of different podcasts amongst various different genres including comedy, drama, true crime, inspiration, life goals, and reviews. My personal favorite is comedy. I absolutely love listening to podcasts that give me a good laugh. That being said though, I’m a sucker for true crime.

What makes podcasts so great is that often times it almost feels as if you’re a part of the conversation. There’s just something about listening to others tell stories or crazy experiences that’s really relaxing. It’s a great way to chill and unwind when you are stuck in your head. My favorite thing is to listen to podcasts when I go on long car rides, especially when I’m the one driving. Listening to music is great and all but when you’ve already listened to these songs over and over in the past, it gets boring. One of my absolute favorite podcasts to play in the car and actually the first I’ve ever listened to is called Unfiltered hosted by Zane and Heath.

Now if you’ve ever watched David Dobrik, I’m assuming you probably know who I’m talking about. If not, David Dobrik is a famous comedian YouTuber. Years ago he and his friends started vlogging their crazy life and uploading on YouTube quickly after Vine died. Eventually, the group of people became known as the “Vlog Squad”. Zane and Heath are a part of this group of friends. Not only so, but Zane and Heath have known each other since childhood. The two each have their own individual YouTube channels as well. Ever since I started watching David back as a freshman, I quickly grew to love Zane and Heath. They are extremely hilarious. Their close friendship and humor always brightened up my day. I always got a good laugh while watching the two. This is why I was so excited when they announced their podcast together.

Zane and Heath Unfiltered is a lot to unpack. It’s filled with crazy stories with their friends, life encounters, old memories, good times, and new experiences. They started this podcast to be able to bring their fans a deeper and unfiltered look at their life that we don’t really get to see on their YouTube videos. It’s definitely loaded with jokes and content that may be inappropriate to some viewers, so if that is not your cup of tea, this may not be the podcast for you. To me, however, that is what really draws the listeners. The effortless jokes that the hosts are able to make that can’t stop you from laughing. They explore lots of different topics and have various amazing and hilarious guests. The podcast makes you feel a part of the conversation, as if you’re in the room with them, embracing all the energy.

Overall, if you love humor and hearing about people’s crazy lives, this is definitely a podcast I recommend. It brings you all the good feels and brightens up your mood while still making you feel relaxed. Zane and Heath are amazing hosts and always have great stories to share. Whether it be about wild night in LA to a nice wedding, they always find ways to keep you interested and wanting more.