Nearing Completion: The Bicentennial Bridge


Bijou Carrel

In celebration of Missouri’s 200 years since becoming a state, the Bicentennial Bridge is almost fully completed and will open Friday. It will be a walking and biking walk way that connects the area surrounding the capitol to the Missouri River. It runs over the Union Pacific railroad and captures the beautiful views of are capitol and the Missouri riverfront.

To bridge will connect pedestrians to Adrian Island. There will be trails and places you can bring your family to play some fun outdoor games, including a larger than life chess board. It will provide a new riverfront park and hopefully in the future have connection to the historic Missouri State Penitentiary.  The Bridge cost 4.9 million dollars and will be over 830ft long.

Flooding may seem to be an issue because of its location right next to the Missouri River, but in reality there is a .34% chance that Adrian island will fully submerge in water under heavy rainfall. The Bridge is also built to be flood proof incase of major regional or national rainfall. Donors have raised millions of dollars toward this historical bridge. Soon enough we will be able to walk across this bridge and share our rich history tourists.