The Best Mac and Cheese

How do you like your mac and cheese?


Bijou Carrel

Mac and cheese comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be swirly or straight oven baked or boxed. It may be a side for most people but some enjoy a meal of mac and cheese. My personal favorite type of mac and cheese would have to be oven baked with a thicker creamy sauce. In Jefferson city we have over 40 restaurants in our area that serve mac and cheese. These restaurant’s serve a variety of mac from boxed Kraft to oven baked. I never say no to a nice side of mac even boxed mac and cheese can be good when cooked right.

Chick-fil-A Mac and Cheese Nutrition Facts: Calories, Ingredients

No matter how you like your mac and cheese there is one mac and cheese that stands above the rest. The Basic but absolutely delicious Chic-fil-a Mac and Cheese. Chic-fil-a has some how mastered good fast food mac and cheese. Some how it seems oven baked because there is always a good crispy cheese top. The noodles aren’t over done but they have a quality solid but mushy texture. Don’t get me started on the wonderful creamy cheese sauce the noodles are covered in. There is a good slight sour but wonderful cheese flavor that’s like no other.

Beecher's Worlds Best Mac & Cheese, 46 oz - QFC

If you like a good at home mac and cheese you can just pop in the microwave or oven get Beecher’s worlds best mac and cheese.  In 2003, Kurt Beecher Dammeier opened his first Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market. For Kurt, Beecher’s fulfilled an ambition beyond just making great cheese. He has long felt passionately about eating food free of harmful additives and preservatives. It has penne pasta witch is not usual mac and cheese noodle but is still pretty amazing. Not to mention it has a delicious cheese flavor that’s slightly smoky. It even taste good when reheated witch blew my mind. You can’t avoid the big bold quoted sentence stating “World’s Best Mac & Cheese” planted on the front of the box but doing some research it was never voted on.

Kraft Velveeta Original Shells & Cheese - Shop Pantry Meals at H-E-B

In all realness you can’t compete with some good old Velveeta mac and cheese. Comes in many sizes and even comes in microwave safe containers in a pack of 4 for $5. This liquid gold concoction has the most  most history straight out of the 80’s competing with its fellow business partner Kraft mac and cheese. At 3 dollars a box filled with lots of sodium and artificial cheese flavoring you cant beat it.