Apple Music Vs Spotify

Which one do you prefer Apple Music or Spotify


Ever wonder why everyone is sometimes arguing over why Spotify or Apple Music is better? To try and see why, I have interviewed some of my classmates to get their opinions on which they prefer.

“I prefer Apple Music so I don’t have to listen to ads while listening to music. There is absolutely nothing she hates about Apple Music,” said Lizzeth Mendoza Moreno.

The second person I interviewed is fellow student Nataly Ortiz, Nataly prefers Spotify and she also uses YouTube music. The one thing she hates about Spotify is that when she tries to play a specific song it gives you songs related to that before it plays the song she wanted to hear and we can’t forget about the ads.

The third person I interviewed was Deniz Ortiz Vertiz. This one is a plot twister because she prefers none. she has never used Apple Music and she doesn’t like how Spotify doesn’t have the songs she wants to listen to, so she uses YouTube music.

So since I have both Apple music and Spotify, I can clearly say I like Spotify better. Spotify gives you a little bit more options compared to Apple. For example, all of the remixes you find on TikTok and it’s a little bit faster than Apple Music. I am having to wait for my music to load on apple music while I can go on Spotify and it loads once I click play. So Spotify takes the win in my books.