Valentines Date Ideas

Valentines date ideas for you and your loved one!


Kalynn Meineker

Love is in the air. Bleh. Just kidding! I absolutely love Valentine’s Day. Even though I’m going almost 18 years strong of being emotionally unavailable there’s just something that brings me joy about the upcoming holiday. That could be my undoubtedly obsessive hobby of everything romance. Don’t even get me started on my undying love for romance shows. I think I could write an entire article about the shows that contain the most absolute, whole-hearted, swoon-worthy, to die for couples ever. Stay tuned for that.

Now for this article, I thought it would be a fun idea to present to you a list of things that could sub for a Valentine’s Day date. Because although a nice night on the town at your local Applebee’s is really great, it’s definitely just not giving what it was supposed to give. You may be fancy like Applebee’s on a date night but the bourbon street steak is just not making the cut. While fancy dining is extravagant, theirs nothing like a good ole’ Oreo shake from the Sonic down the street. Today I will be giving you a list of non-extravagant yet undoubtedly fun activities to do this Valentine’s Day.

#1: Good Ole’ Movie Marathon!

Whether this is binge-watching Twilight, Harry Potter, or even all 12 movies of the Halloween series, you can definitely make a night in very memorable. And hey, nothing screams love like a slasher film on the most romantic day of the year. It doesn’t even have to be a movie. It could also be a tv series. My bestie and I have been waiting for what feels like decades to get together and binge-watch our mutual favorite tv show. Time is not in our favor. Probably also going to make some sweet ooey-gooey delicious cookies with a side of big fat Pancheros burritos. Now that’s what I call living the sweet life.

#2: Ikea Date!

Now I feel like this is a very controversial topic, considering I’ve never in my life stepped foot inside an Ikea and the closest one to our location is in St. Louis. That being said, there’s nothing that sounds better than romanticizing your life with fake home setups. I’ve heard great things. You can even make a trip out of it! Stop to grab a venti iced coffee from Starbucks on the road headed there, then you could stop at the Galleria Mall, do a bit of shopping, and when it’s all said in done grab a quick bite to eat. I recommend Pancheros.

#3: Restaurant Roulette! 

Now, this may sound a bit confusing but speaking from experience it’s really fun. Basically, you play a game of spend the wheel/name generator with whomever you’re going with. Whoever the wheel lands on gets to pick that part of your dining experience. For example, drinks, appetizers, main course, and dessert. Let’s say it lands on Sally first, Sally then gets to choose where you go for drinks. Afterward, you spin again and whoever it lands on gets to pick where you go for an appetizer, and so on and so forth. You continue this until your bellies are big and full.

#4: Restaurant Games!

When someone says let’s go out to eat, in my head there is absolutely no other option besides Texas Roadhouse. Those big buttery buns are what I crave in my sleep at night. I’ve unapologetically dragged each and every one of my friends to TXR. Anyway, for this idea, the point is to go to a restaurant and play games while you eat. For example, my friends and I always play a game where we put up a word generator and have to think of a song lyric with that word in it. It may sound a little odd but it’s actually quite fun. You can honestly choose any game you want. You just got to make the most out of it. Another fun idea is to even say it’s your birthday at that restaurant. Who knows, you might score a free dessert!


Because the super bowl falls on the day right before Valentine’s, this would make a perfect date idea. Actually, scratch that, the ULTIMATE date idea. While a lot of people are already throwing super bowl parties if you’ve yet to make plans, start making some! You could make food, order pizza, and some delicious yummy hot wings, or even order take-out.  All while you watch the Rams and Bengals, face off. That kind of hurts to type out. To be quite honest I’m still picking up the pieces of my shattered heart from the Chiefs loss to the Bengals. I’m a huge Chiefs fan and ugh, that was so depressing. I hope the Rams destroy the Bengals. Anyways, brb, just going to go cry now.