Snow Day or Virtual Learning?


Kalynn Meineker and Luis Abonce-Llanos

With an impending snow storm sure to wreck havoc on Central Missouri, and likely close many school districts, Luis and Kalynn go head-to-head and share their opinion about what they would like to happen when it comes to inclement weather policies.

Kalynn, Plume Staff Writer

Personally, I’d rather have distance learning. This is good and very helpful for a lot of reasons. First, with the declaration of a snow day, they end up adding days on to the end of the school year, if we have yet to build in existing days. I definitely do not want to get out of school on a later date. The anticipation for summer is too overwhelming and I do not want to be here any longer than I have to. Secondly, this one targets seniors in A+. Missed days are counted against them even if they are excused and labeled as a snow day. So this overall negatively impacts those doing A+ tutoring. Third, doing your work at home is sort of optional depending on how you look at it. No teacher is there to force you to do it, so if you really wanted to have a break you could. Lastly, this also helps teachers when it comes to planning. In most cases students have full access to their assignments at home, therefore, teachers won’t have to stress about making new plans and rearranging things around for when we return. 

Luis, Plume Staff Writer

In my opinion, rather than having a virtual day, we should have a snow day. For starters, many students will not even consider opening Google Classroom. Second, this has an impact on students when you take into consideration their learning style. Rather than receiving a note packet with a video attached, students learn more when the teachers are instructing. Especially if students don’t understand any of the material they’re learning in class. At this point, students are more prone to struggle with it and eventually discard the assignment. Furthermore leading to another disadvantage of virtual learning, which is that it may have a negative impact on your grade. Not turning in work during virtual hours can be a problem. Lastly, I think a small break for student’s is something that is always nice to have. Letting students have a day off allows them to destress and unwind and maybe even get things done that they weren’t able to before. With school taking up the majority of our time I think this is something to take advantage of. 


Where do you stand on this issue? Would you rather have a declared snow day or virtual day?