Student Preferred Streaming Platform


Hunter Smith

There are many platforms that you can stream on. Some of those names almost everyone will have in their house and some are names that maybe only a couple of people use. Some of the more popular ones are Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+.

Abby Gail Giesing-Freshman

“Netflix is my favorite streaming platform. It’s my favorite¬† because that’s all I use and just what I have kept.”

Gerrit Jackson-Freshman

“I would say that my favorite is either Hulu or Disney+. This is because of the consistent uploads that they have so I always have something to watch.”

Alisha Wiegand-Sophomore

“I say that my favorite is Hulu. Because of all the anime that I can watch it in dub or in sub.”

Drew Holmes-Sophomore

” I say that my favorite is Netflix. I would say this because I use it the most and no ads that I have to watch.”

Juno Cardwell-Junior

“I say that my favorite platform is HBO Max. I say that I like it because it has all of the cartoon network shows and the adult swim shows.”

Cameron Klempke-Junior

“I say that my favorite Kodi. I say this because I can watch whatever I want and things can be from any platform even originals.”

Olivia Beauchamp-Senior

“I say that my favorite is Netflix. Because the original show that they make are very good like stranger things and Cobra Kia.”

Grayson Smith-Senior

“I say that my favorite Disney+. I say this because I like to watch marvel which makes it easier instead of going and trying to find the DVDs in the basement.”

There were many different responses but the most common one was Netflix and then Hulu/Disney+. The one that I use the most is Disney+ because of all of the Marvel and the outdoor stuff.