Co-Star: The Basics in how to Read Your Birth Chart!

How to read your birth chart and signs through an easy guide!

Co-Star: The Basics in how to Read Your Birth Chart!

Sophia Bruce

Although people discount astrology and say that it’s completely fake, I LOVE learning more about astrology. I find it so interesting, and I love to learn about all of my signs and my friend’s signs! Co-Star has been the new best app I’ve found, that gives the most in depth analysis of all of your signs and everything you could want to know about your zodiac sign. Co-Star not only lets you add friends so you can view their profiles and see their charts! Co-Star includes your daily horoscope, what you should focus on, daily updates, affirmations you should practice, and birth charts. Your birth chart can be super hard and complex to read if you’re new to astrology, and I’m here to help! In this article you can find how to read your birth chart and what each sign means!

How do I read my birth chart? 

As I’ve read and researched, your birth chart, also know as a natal chart, is determined by where celestial objects are on the day that you are born. For example, if your sun is in Leo or Virgo, it means that the Leo and Virgo constellations were behind the sun on the day that you were born. The same goes with moon signs, your moon is determined by the constellation behind it during your birth. In a condensed version, the most basic aspects of your natal chart can be read as:

Sun sign: Your sun sign is probably the zodiac sign you identify most with, and this is the most commonly known sign by everyone. The sun sign makes you up as a whole, it describes your core personality, sense of self, basic preferences, romantic tenancies, and your compatibility with other people. For example, my sun sign is in Leo and according to my Co-Star app I am “fundamentally bold and proud, I love attention while also being cared for, and I am able to use my empathy for good when cheering up others that are feeling blue!”

Moon sign: The moon sign rules your emotions, moods and feelings. Your moon also controls your perceptions of the world around you, and your emotions + feelings. This is the sign that you think of yourself as, since it reflects your personality when you’re alone or just comfy! For example, my moon is in Sagittarius and according to Co-Star, my “emotional state is restless, self questioning (ouch, but true), optimistic, and independent (also, very true). I may hide my sensitivities behind an interest in finding new ways to feel.” Similarly, Co-Star told me along with my moon sign, I find comfort, security, and safety in routines. Which is EXTREMELY true! I feel like if a plan is thrown out of whack throughout my day, I can’t roll with it, and I feel super anxious and thrown off in general.

Ascendant: Your ascendant sign is basically how you show yourself to other people, or in other words the ‘mask’ that you put on when you’re with anyone but yourself. This sign is also known commonly as your rising sign. It’s your social personality, and is determined by the zodiac sign that was on the Eastern horizon when you were born. Your ascendant or rising sign can also account for your physical body, and outward style when meeting people! My rising sign is in Gemini, and according to Co-Star, it means I am “quick-witted, chatty, eclectic, and fun even though somewhat inconsistent (Hehehe, also very, very true. Painfully true).

Mercury: This sign determines how you talk, communicate, think, and process information given to you by the world and by others. Mercury sign is also super cool, because it tells you how you learn, it’s the “mind’s planet.” My Mercury sign is in Virgo, meaning my “intellect is analytical, precise, and diligent. I have a tenancy to be nitpicky, and point out what’s wrong or what could be better than what’s right or what is positive. You’re a planner (correct), and you pay attention to details that you feel are most pressing.” Co-Star also added that I “am curious about and inclined to analyze how to take care of people and what feels like home.”

Venus: Your Venus, describes how you show affection to others, how you express your love, and what you love in general. Basically, the who, what, and how you love. Your love language! Venus also accounts for what aspects you are attracted to. My Venus is in Gemini, meaning “my romantic side is dynamic, curious, and easily bored (oh…. no). I love witty banter, but I have trouble deepening my relationships (kind of?). I tend to be a bit timid and discreet with my crushes because I don’t know how to be forthright (haha, true).” Co-Star added that I express my love within myself (I feel like I kind of disagree with this one), and Venus in Gemini is hyper-present in my personality.

Mars: Mars is the planet of aggression. Mars determines how you deal with your aggression, your anger, your deepest passions and motivations in life. Mars also determines how you assert yourself in uncomfortable situations, your energy that surrounds you, and how you can take action. I think of the Mars sign as the sign that shows the traits that we may try to hide from ourselves and others the most. My Mars is in Leo, meaning “I assert myself in a way that is authoritative and persuasive, and you push things forward with confidence and gusto.” Although I feel like Co-Star is extremely accurate, I feel like I could honestly go either way with my Mars, I can see it but I don’t. When it comes to situations that I’m shaky in, nervous in or contains confrontation, I go silent. I try to blend into the wallpaper to avoid any type of argument or confrontation. However, arguing with my mom or sister? Yeah. I’ll make sure I persuade them to seeing my side in minuets, and if they do we won’t have a problem. Co-Star added that I put a lot of energy into the things I know and are familiar with, which is very true considering I feel most at peace with the things and people that are included in my day to day routine.

Jupiter: Jupiter is one out of the two social planets, and accounts for your general going about life or your philosophy about life. Jupiter can help you predict what aspects of your life that you’ll be most successful in, and Jupiter also rules your optimism, your idealism. My Jupiter is in Virgo, meaning “I grow and find understanding through careful thought, goal-setting, and hard work. I’ll find success through my home and family.” This is super true for me!! If I don’t have a goal, I feel like I don’t really know what I’m doing, I feel lost and disconnected. I’ve been super goal oriented since I’ve been little.

Saturn: Saturn contains your life’s ambitions, goals, and feelings of inadequacy and limitations. Saturn is the other social planet, and carries a lot of your deeper and inner traits. Saturn also accounts for responsibility, restrictions, boundaries, fears, and your self discipline. My Saturn is in Cancer, meaning “I struggle with my emotions (awe, cute), a taste for drama (I like my tea, sorry not sorry hehe), and an overabundance of empathy.” Not to be like, one of THOSE girls who are like “I’m an empath!” but I really think I struggle with empathy issues. My mom told me so. So it must be true. I apparently have difficulties with money and material possessions. What’s funny is that this is painfully true, I was talking about this with my boyfriend saying how I spend too much, and if he were to ever want to spend money we would be broke forever, together. (Sorry V, I just really love Target :))

Uranus: I think of Uranus as your rebellion sign, or your generational vibes type sign. Uranus rules innovation, rebellion, and progress. Uranus is super cool as a sign, because it stays in each sign for seven years, meaning it rules a generation more than you, a person. Uranus can account for what your boundaries are, if you’re willing to seek out freedom or stand within your existing boundaries. For example, my Uranus is in Pisces, meaning “other generations are shocked by my generation’s sense of empathy, dreaminess, and gentle nature. I manifest in rebelling against dated expectations about goals, success and responsibility.”

Neptune: Neptune stays in each sign for about 14 years, meaning again, it rules a generation more than an individual. Neptune shows the aspects of life that you are inspired by, and what aspects you are tricked by such as addictions. Neptune can also rule dreams, imagination, and the unconscious. For example, my Neptune is in Aquarius, meaning “my entire generation finds inspiration through detached analysis and intellectual pursuits.” I’m gonna be totally honest with you, I don’t really pay to Neptune at all. It’s not a main sign I think you need to focus on, the generational signs can be kind of hard to wrap your mind around.

Pluto: Pluto is again, another generational sign. It lasts up to 30 years. Pluto rules where you feel most helpless, and where you want to make a change. Pluto kind of rules your deeper self that wants to remain hidden: your obsession, power, intensity, and control. My Pluto is in Sagittarius, meaning my psyche is “comparatively positive, free-spirited, curious, optimistic, forward-looking, independent, and confident. I am personally transforming outdated forms of close relationships and long-term partnership.”

I hope this guide helped you learn more about your signs and how to read them more easily, which can make looking at your Co-Star app so much more enjoyable!