I Wish This Town Had…

There are not many things to do in this town here is what some people want.


Hunter Smith

There aren’t many things that you can do in this town. Some of the things that you can do in this town are bowling and going to the movies. Another thing that you can do in this town is going to the mall.

Charlotta Borde-Koufie – Freshman

“I say that I would add a place for dodgeball. I say this because this is a good way to get out anger and because I like to hit people (not hard though).”

Nolan Holmes – Freshman

“I would add a Skyzone. This is because that way I don’t have to travel far to go to one. They are fun to go to so that way you be more active and have fun while doing this.”

Daniel McAllister – Sophomore

“I would add more tourist traps. Because being the capital of the state and the only thing to see is the capital and maybe the boulevard. We should have more stuff like Columbia. So more public involvement.”

Shaunta Adams – Sophomore

“I would add Six Flags. I would say this because we need more to do and we don’t have anything like this and we could use this to make money.”

Warren Stier – Juniors

“If I could add one thing to the town it would be a better mall, because the mall that we have is really bad and there is nothing to do in the mall.”

Madison Keep – Juniors

“I would add a Bass Pro Shop. I say this because they have fish tanks and you can walk around and have fun and then you can buy what you want in the gift shop, and they have very comfy pants.”

Sawyer Lillard – Senior

“I say that I would add a Sky Zone. I say this because I like to do this because it is fun and cheap if you have the socks and you would get exercise.”

Ellie Anderson – Senior

“I wish this town had a more friendly feel to it. So more places to hang out with your friends because everything is on the boulevard and that place is very congested and hard to get around.”