Dorm Decoration Ideas


Bijou Carrel



Your room might already be decorated like a maximalist and you wouldn’t know it. Also known as clutter core, maximalism is great for a loud personality. In a college dorm room your not given lots of space that why maximalism works great. The more you have in a small space the better the room looks. You don’t need any organization skills just fill your room with items you love.  Even with nothing matching it all comes together. Maximalism is putting your personality in every nook and cranny you can fit it.



Mod Décor

Lets bring your room back in time. Pick a time period you find interesting and go from there. Visit your local thrift stores and vintage shops and search for pieces that fit in your chosen time period. In a small space things like your comforter and accent pieces make the biggest difference. Grandparents also always have the best items for a retro look.





Y2K (Year 2000)

A style I’ve never understood but is very aesthetically pleasing. Color plays a big role but also the nostalgia of the 2000s. Find items that would make your inner child happy. Looking at currently trending brands you will find a lot of what you need. Just remember to always choose color when picking out Y2K décor.



Simple but sweet minimalist is great if you enjoy a very organized dorm. Stick to a color theme when decorating a minimalist dorm. Start with a dual color base and add maybe some blues, yellow and, pinks. Also leaving a equal amount of space around furniture and wall décor is also very important. Shades of black and brown are easiest to shop for. Look at for décor with simple lines, edges, and minimal curves.

Dark/Light Academia 

If you feel you have sophisticated style I advise decorating your dorm dark or light academia. Light Academia uses more neutral colors and earthy décor. Dark Academia uses dark tones and lots of black accent pieces.  When shopping look for items with natural curves and colors. A great way to fill empty wall space is creating a collage of pictures and small items. Book pages and poems are a great addition to academia wall collage. Remember to keep in mind the color scheme when creating a wall collage.