Top 3 2022 Videogame releases


Taylor Ruch-McGee, staff

Lets go down the list of some of the biggest games that are set to and have already released.

#1) God of War Ragnarok: It is yet another game of the legendary god of war series. The plot so far is stopping Ragnarok from happening and some of the gameplay from the trailer looks pretty good.

#2) Dying light 2: Staying Human. Having just released on the 4th of last month, I have been playing it and its a decent game so far except the devs have changed a lot of the machanics for this one. I guess you would have to download and play this game for yourself because if you liked the first one you will love the second one.

#3) Horizon Zero Dawn: The Forbidden West. Much like the first game, this one takes place in a western part of the world near the ruins of Las Vegas. The story so far has been playing well. Not much has changed control wise, but it does look a lot smoother on ps5; I have it on ps4 and 5 only for comparison. Let me say the difference is huge, as is with any game on the ps5.

What games are you most excited about to drop soon? Leave a comment below!