Soph’s Spouts: Sad Girl Spring

How to combat a sad girl spring according to a caring, sad girl


Sophia Bruce

It’s springtime!!! Yay!!! Normally, I LOVE spring. And all of the flowers. And all of the nice weather. And all of the fun activities that I finally get to enjoy outside. But this spring, I’ve been feeling a little sad. That’s perfectly fine and normal, it’s been a long winter, and we’ve legit had like what…18 snow days? I’ve also been struggling with this spring especially, because I’m a senior and I only have a few months left of school! It’s really nice, I’m super excited to start to move into my life outside of high school, but it’s also kind of hard! I’m super comfortable in my lil’ routines that I have each day, where I see all of my best friends and get to hang out with my teammates and I’m not that happy to soon be leaving that behind. However, I’ve been recently trying to combat my (overwhelming) sadness, with things that make me happy! It’s taken me awhile, to find things that make me happy when I feel down consistently. However, there’s some things that help me, and might spread some joy to you to make your sad girl spring, more like a super girl spring (hehe).

  • Painting my nails + wearing lots of pretty jewelry!

As a lil’ cheerleader, I haven’t been used to wearing jewelry since our coaches like… banned anything shiny that was around our bodies. I recently have been painting my nails happy colors and wearing lots of pretty jewelry to make myself feel better! It does sound stupid, but having pretty nails and wearing cute, delicate rings makes me feel more put together, which in turn makes my mood feel just a bit happier. My favorite color I recently have had has been a sky blue, which reminds me of summer and happy times. I found my 2 rings that I thought I lost during my cheer season, and I wear them everyday now! Another piece of jewelry I’ve been wearing that makes me feel like AN IT girl, is a silver necklace with a baby snake on it. Spicy. Somewhat. It was on sale too, at Kohl’s! Which made it even better for me to buy. Retail therapy!


  • Reading! (Especially book of the month club books, provided by my lovely mom, Kim)

I know, I’ve preached that reading is so, so fun. And I feel like a lot of people aren’t really hearing me when I’m screaming that READING IS SO MUCH FUN. I feel so much more productive when I finish a few chapters from a book, or I finish a new book in general and then get to talk about it with my mom who also reads! We recently (and by we, I mean my mom) have invested in book of the month club! I absolutely love this club, and haven’t read a book that’s been sent to us that I haven’t liked. I definitely struggle with not feeling productive enough, I am always wanting to run around and do something. I really struggle with sitting down or being able to relax! Reading helps me feel more smart, which makes me feel more confident and more productive, which in turn makes me feel more happy! I recently finished the book Push, which I highly recommend. Right now I’m reading a book called Meg & Jo, which is a Little Women rendition but in modern day! A very cutesy read.


  • Listening to new music + new artists and new podcasts! (I’m in love with Briston Maroney)

I’m either listening to 2 various different types of music, that consists of either very indie, or like… Lil’ Uzi Vert. Recently, I’ve been listening more to indie music! One new artist that makes me feel SO HAPPY listening to their music is Briston Maroney. I absolutely love every song he’s ever released, and listening to his music with my windows rolled down makes my mood so much happier. I first started out listening to only one of his songs, Freaking Out on the Interstate. And absolute banger. I’ve recently discovered a few more of his songs that fill me with so much joy, such as Caroline, Under my Skin, and Cinnamon.

As a fellow sad girl, I also struggle with overthinking and anxiety. These are completely normal things that a lot of people have a hard time talking about and sharing about, but occur in a lot of teens! One thing that I have to work on when struggling with a period or a large wave of anxiety and sadness is thinking LOGICALLY. I am definitely a person that mostly operates in my feels or my emotions that come quickest to me. It’s super hard to make my brain think logically, and to not operate on JUST my raw emotions. It helps me, to talk to my mom! She is able to talk to me about why I’m feeling super anxious or struggling with sad girl spring, and she’s able to break down what I can do to make myself feel better, and if I need to take a step back. One podcast that I’ve recently got into is called Do You F****** Mind? with Alexis Fernandez. Alexis kind of focuses on the topics that Emma Chamberlain would focus on, topics such as how to become more self assured, body image, self image and self love, and my most favorite that she’s focused on: Retroactive jealousy and Overthinking- what to do. Alexis takes a very different approach than Emma Chamberlain, she focuses more on the brain and the specific structures that have to do with things like certain mood disorders, or the effect of stress on the brain. It really helps me to hear someone break down in a very scientific way that sometimes when I get super overwhelmed for periods of time, it’s not because I’m a lil’ soft snowflake! There’s actual hormones and firings in your brain that can happen that just make us feel more sad in life sometimes. A really amazing podcast if you need to listen to someone talk you through your problems in a factual manner.


  • Saving funny TikToks to my notes app, to show my best friends

I really, really love TikTok. TikTok, can be a super negative and draining app. I get that. But I swear, I legit have the most funniest TikTok feed. It’s literally videos of like either people living in Hawaii or like people making eggs in their ramen bowl and poking the egg and the egg blows up. I don’t know. Anyways, I love sharing my TikTok’s with my friends. I feel like such a GIVING girl!!! Like I’m blessing their days with my TikTok’s and what I think is funny! It makes me happy to share my TikToks with my closest friends and them love them just as much as I love them. However, sometimes I spam certain friends of mine. With like. 40 TikToks in the span of like 1 hour. So I’ve created a notes app for some specific people in my life that deserve the very best of the best TikToks. I highly suggest this, it really helps my mental health when I get to cry over a dog being blow dried or like… someone just dropping a gallon of milk on the floor. And then I get to bother my friends with said TikToks (hehehehe).

Linked below, are some TikToks that gave me so much joy.

It’s okay to feel like you’re having a sad girl spring. Or a sad girl summer. Or fall. Or winter. Sometimes there’s little things in our lives that we can do that can feel like the most minuscule things like painting your nails or just going outside for a walk, but can make a big difference! <333

la fin (the end).