Underrated Classes at CC


Hunter Smith

When it comes to classes, some are definitely underrated. When it comes to picking classes for the next school year, there is only so much the academic planning guide course description can tell. These are some classes that people took not knowing they would end up loving.

Lathan Landis, 9

“I would recommend art because they have very nice teachers. The projects are very open-ended also the deadlines aren’t that strict and you, for the most part, get to do what you want.”

Kimber Noble, 9

“I would recommend weights because it’s a very positive environment and it provides a good break. There are little guidelines to go on. The teacher is very nice, but he does push you hard.”

Karch Knipp, 10

“I would recommend ceramics because you get to take the stuff home and use it. You get to choose what you make, but there are some guidelines to follow. Also, the teacher is super nice.”

Charlee Stone, 10

“I would recommend painting because it’s super relaxing and you get to choose what you paint and the deadlines are very loose. The teachers are very nice and are very free.”

Jane Cardwell, 11

“I would recommend printmaking because you get a shirt out of it. You also get freedom in getting to make what you want.”

Taylor McGee, 11

“I would recommend taking newspaper because the environment is super nice and the teacher is super cool.”

Olivia Beauchamp, 12

“I would recommend Yearbook because it gives you opportunities to meet new people and you get to use a camera. Another thing is that you get a hard copy of all your work at the end of the year.  Also, the teacher is very relaxed and is super nice.”

Aiden Jones, 12

“I would recommend Web Design II. I liked doing computer stuff and this class is a bunch of that. The teacher is nice, she gives us gum I would say that I have a good relationship with the teacher because it’s just two students.”