CCHS Floor Reviews: an Inside Look

A lighthearted article describing each level at CCHS!


Kalynn Meineker

The hallways at CCHS are many things. Anything but ordinary to say the least. Throughout your walk, through CC you can experience many things. Each floor of the building creates a new experience for you. Today, I will dive into the adventures awaiting for you as you travel through our building.

Floor 1

Let us start from the bottom, floor one. Down on floor one, you see kids kindly passing their neighbors in the hall without any overaggressive pushing or rushing to their next hour. Floor one is a vibe. Everyone is calm, cool, and collected. You casually see people talking to their peers, but never standing in the way of pedestrians walking by. Talks on floor one can be described as small, speedy, but smooth. You never stay there for too long and always make it to your class just in time. Floor one is the place to be on a Monday morning when everyone just got back from a crazy weekend and just wants to chill.

Floor 2

This is where things start getting a little risky. This floor can be described as the hangout spot. Everywhere you look you, see groups of students crowded with their friends making progressively louder conversations. This is when things start to get hectic. Because when students stop and group up for too long the pedestrians have trouble making it to their class. On this floor we also see an astronomical amount of couples who stand in mid hallway hugging, kissing, or possibly even arguing; it just depends on the day. The second floor is very busy, almost like walking in a big city. If being in a large crowded environment is your cup of tea, the second floor is the place to be.

Floor 3

Onto our last but definitely not least, the third floor. Up on the top floor, we’re feeling silly, we’re feeling goofy. Everyone is chilling, vibing, talking, and hanging out,  having no care in the world if they make it to their class on time. After class is usually the time when students stand there in the hallway having endless conversations as if we don’t have a class to be. Carefree is the best way to describe the third floor. Students pilling into random teachers’ rooms to say what’s up. Lets’ just say…third-floor teachers are superior. I even heard Justin Bieber blasting from a class one time–it was exquisite. The third floor is on a whole different level, literally. That being said if you ever have a chance, stop by, come hang out, take off your shoes and stay awhile.