Student Feature: Jaylen Jamison


Bijou Carrel and Lucia Howser

Jaylen Jamison is a junior at CCHS and one of his passions is bowling. Jaylen has been bowling for more than a decade and is something he competes in all the time. Check out his feature!

How long have you been bowling? 

“I have been bowling ever sense I was five.”

How did you get started bowling?

“I started when my parents brought me to Capital Bowl. I was able to pick up a eight pound ball, and instead of putting my three fingers in the three holes, I put them in two holes so I can hook it, and still make a strike.”

What is your favorite thing about bowling?

“My favorite thing about bowling is the community built around it, because there aren’t many community’s out there that are more so friendly and helpful towards people.”

Where do you bowl?

“I currently bowl either in Fulton or the bowling center in Osage Beach, called Bowlmor Lanes ll. It’s a really nice place.”

What has been your biggest accomplishment? 

“Not to many yet, but I would say being able to go to bigger tournaments and earning scholarship money.”

What advice would you give fellow young bowlers ?

“No matter what style you use go for what is right to you, what makes you feel comfortable, and work hard at it.”