ROBLOX: What’s it all about?


Taylor Ruch-McGee

Let’s talk about the community of Roblox. It’s legit, that just 8 year old’s that stole there moms credit card info, they pretend to be so much older than what they really are, and what they look like. Quite frankly, I think it is hilarious.

Most of the games on the platform are all cringe and weird, and while most are meant for kids, there are some hidden gems on the platform if you take long enough to look for them. Let’s dive deep into the top 3 cringe games on Roblox IMO:

  1. Brook Gaven RP: you legit just go in and role play as someone you are not s which that is what most games are but still its cringe.
  2. Shrek Horror: Yes you res that right there is a horror game for Shrek. I don’t know what’s so scary about that big green man, but somehow they made him into a horror game.
  3. The Tycoon Games: They are all pay to win basically, and just are an overall waste of time, but who am I to judge if you want to go waste your time on the platform, go for it that’s up to you.