An Inside Look: CCHS Bathrooms


Luis Abonce-Llanos

If you haven’t read about CCHS’s hallways written by author Kalynn Meineker, then I recommend reading that first because it’s pretty interesting what kids do in the hallways but even more interesting what kids do in the bathrooms. Even though you may think to yourself that the bathroom isn’t that much of an odd place when nature calls, I assure you that it’s going to be weird depending on which floor you use it in.

1st Floor: The first floor from my experience is the way to go. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1st or 7th period, I would definitely recommend the first-floor bathroom because it’s chill. The aesthetic is there. If you really have to go, it’s definitely that place to be in because no one is really going to be in the first-floor bathroom unless it’s people who actually need to use the bathroom, so if you like a little bit of privacy then the first-floor bathroom is the place to go.

2nd Floor: This is where it starts to get a little freaky. this bathroom I would not recommend using during 4th thru 7th period at all. because the least you want to do is have to use the bathroom and you have all these people talking about touching where the sun doesn’t shine while you’re just trying to use the bathroom and the number of people in there is like there’s a meet and greet, like stop saving it for Walmart.

3rd Floor: This is the bathroom I’d try to avoid as much as possible. This bathroom has the same energy as the second-floor bathroom. It’s just nothing but people skipping class. Anyways I would just avoid this bathroom at all cost, that is until they lock the third-floor bathroom and everyone migrates to the second-floor bathroom. If that happens, just hold it till you get home.