Teacher Feature: Mrs. Mastrogiannis


Lanora Brown

Mrs. Mastrogiannis is math teacher at CCHS and has been here for three years. I had a sit down interview with her to ask about her success in the classroom.

1. What’s something you wish you could have changed about your class last year?

I would have liked to do even more activities during class. I always loved doing exploration activities in Geometry. I always felt like students learned so much during those days and they always helped all of us make connections to the concepts we were learning in class. We did a lot of really cool activities last year but I always wish to do more if possible!

2. What’s something you are really excited about for this year?
I am really excited for this school year because I get to see all my old students from prior years and I get to meet so many new students. Also, this year I am teaching Algebra 1 again and I absolutely love Algebra 1!
3. What do you see as your biggest accomplishment when it comes to teaching?
I would say that my biggest accomplishment teaching is seeing my students understand content that they didn’t think they could! I love when they walk out the door feeling more confident than they did when they entered! Every student has the ability to be good at math!
4. What has been your highlight of the year so far?
My favorite highlight of this school year so far has been getting to just see all my old students again. This year I have the opportunity to be in a lot of different classrooms and it gives me a chance to see my old students and continue to work with and teach them even though they aren’t technically mine anymore.