The Struggle Bus: The First Week of School


Bryce Ritchey

With the first week of school having come and gone, it seems as though a number of students are still recovering. After all, like many students, I always thought that the first week of school was the hardest. Between waking up early, waiting for the bus, and possibly getting lost finding a class; let’s take a dive into the struggles of the first week of school.

Waking up early:

Many people don’t like waking up early; either you’re an early bird or night owl. During the summer, you could sleep all day if you want, but when you have to go to school, especially the first week, it can be a pain not to oversleep. To avoid this, make sure you set an alarm, and if one alarm doesn’t work, you better avoid hitting snooze and setting multiple alarms. Last week, most of the kids I saw always looked tired. I was in some classrooms where some kids can’t even stay awake. A quick tip might be to take a shower in the morning to wake you up a little bit.

The Bus: 

Riding the bus can be a dread. On the first day, the bus my brother and I rode was supposed to pick us up at 7:50, but the bus did not get there until 8:20. To make matters worse, when school was over the bus didn’t come until nearly an hour after school had even let out. But I don’t really blame the bus driver that much, especially considering the bus driver shortage.

Getting lost while finding your classes:

Getting lost in school trying to find your classes is never fun. On my first day, I had to keep on asking a teacher where my classes were. Thankfully after the first day I figured out where my classes were.


Many classes always have a syllabus to go through and some kids find that boring. Many teachers have you and your parents sign the end of it. I for one had a big problem with the syllabus because I always forget to give them to my parents.

Being late

We all hate to be late, especially on the first day of school. It is awkward if you walk into your classroom late with the teacher talking to you on the first day of school.

Don’t fret if you fell into any of these first week woes, if you can survive the first week of school, it’s safe to say you’ll make it through the school year.