Captivating Classrooms: Top Picks

Eddie Odneal

No matter where you are in Cap City, there will be a classroom in your line of sight- it’s the main part of school! Today, we are going to put a spotlight on some of the most unique classrooms, whether they’re comforting, aesthetically-pleasing, or even just pure chaos. I interviewed a variety of students to get opinions on their favorite classrooms.

What’s your favorite CCHS classroom decoration-wise, and why?

Alexis Fewins, 9: “Probably Ms. Leesen’s room, the science room. I just like the posters and everything, and I really like science. And she’s got a whole bunch of pictures.”

Hunter Laska. 9: “Ms. Kiehl’s Pre-AP English I. It has a lot of like, abstract paintings in there, the room is a nice size, and there are vibrant colors in it. They’re pretty nice. They just have a good feeling.”

Brian Taylor, 10: “Probably Ms. Mason’s classroom. I describe it as maybe safe or warm, like you’d be comfortable there. It’s a very homey feeling, lots of plants and colorful decorations.”

Myla Wilson, 10: “Ms. Koch’s room. “It’s just really colorful, and she always keeps it up with whatever’s trending, she keeps it up to date.”

Jada Andersun, 11: “College Algebra with Ms. Madsen. She has some really cool posters in her room.”

Xander Schmid, 11: “I think Ms. Lowery’s math class, because of all the posters.”

Holden Barber, 12: “Ms. Mason. I would say the bright colors. Just smells great in there too, and it’s very appealing.

If you had to rate it one through ten, with one being the worst and ten being the best, how would you rate it?

Alexis Fewins, 9: ”Like an eight or nine.”

Hunter Laska. 9: ”An eight.”

Brian Taylor, 10: ”Eight.”

Myla Wilson, 10: ”Ten.”

Jada Andersun, 11: ”About eight.”

Xander Schmid, 11: ”Probably an eight.”

Holden Barber, 12: “Ten!”

Analyzing these interviews, a common answer tends to be Ms. Mason’s classroom! Ms. Mason is a World History and Sociology teacher on the third floor. The following is an interview with Ms. Mason herself, a colorful and vibrant person who definitely expresses that through her decor.

Eddie: “Alright, so what’s the inspiration behind your classroom’s decorations?”

Ms. Mason: ”I really want my classroom to feel more like a home because I’m here more than my actual apartment. And so, I wanted it to feel more calming, and the bright orange walls don’t help with that a lot of the times so I added a lot of fake plants, as well as like, plain decorations that made it feel kind of.. boho chic is kind of what I went for.”

Eddie: “Do you feel that represents your personality?”

Ms. Mason: ”Oh, one hundred percent. The decorations I have in here are very similar to the ones I have at my own home, and I think it just kind of makes it more cozy.”

Eddie: “Do your students seem to like it?”

Ms. Mason: “Yes. Every year since my first year here, it looked nothing like it does now. I was a poor college student, and I couldn’t afford nice decorations, and last year I got most of this stuff! And my students were so happy with it. My previous students came in and were like ‘Woah! That’s crazy!’ And then I added some more this year, and then it was just even better.”

Eddie: “Do you have anything else you would like to share?”

Ms. Mason: “The only thing I want to share about it is I just like having my classroom like a safe space for everyone. A space where you can feel accepted and loved in, and I try to channel that through my decor.”

CCHS has a variety of wonderful classrooms! View through the photo gallery to see some unique ones. Our school is really a unique place, and our classrooms show it.