Back 2 School Bash


Destanie Neal

To open up the school year, Stuco hosted a Back 2 School Bash on Thursday, August 25, 2022.  This was the second year the Bash has been held. Last year it had been crashed by a lightning storm and had to be moved inside. This year however the Bash went as planned and it stayed outside for the duration of the evening.

Some of the things available at the Bash were a DJ, outdoor/tailgate games, as well as hot dogs prepared by the Student Council. The DJ played tons of songs, mostly from the early 2000s to as late as 2022. Some of the games available were an enlarged version of connect four, corn hole, washers, Kan Jam, and Toggle.

I had talked to multiple people that said they were having fun and they loved it, but one particular interview really caught my eye. When talking to a senior, Alyssa Prenger she said, ¨It was a lot of fun, I got to see a lot of people. Although I wish more seniors would have come.”

The Bash concluded by 8:30 with the sun setting. The Bash was an overall success, and here’s to hoping there are more events like this in the future.