Alumni Advice to ’23 Seniors


Rylea Sanning

Many students coming into high school think that the next four years define you as a person, but by your senior year you’ll learn it’s far different. Senior year is one of the most important times of your life, it’s time to make memories, have also fun and reflect on your plans for the future; Stay focused and do not let “Senioritis” take over too much.

Remembering back to freshmen year, thinking “dang four years of this is a long time” and everyone told us “the next four years will be the best time of your life.” Now looking at it, eight months away from graduation, I can’t say they were my best, but I can say that high school has taught me many valuable lessons not just about life, but about myself.

By the time you graduate high school, you will be a changed person, you’ll be more mature, and responsible. This past May, Capital City graduated members of their first class, the Class of 2022. After talking with one of our 2022 graduating alumni, I asked them what they were most scared of going into their senior year; their biggest struggles; and their favorite part of their senior year.

“Before going into the real world, the biggest struggle was keeping focused and staying in school mentally till the end. My favorite part was going out and making as many memories at school dances and extra social events.”

If there’s one thing high school has taught me, it’s to never look back–the future is ahead. If there is one thing my classmates around me taught me, it’s to never give up on yourself, and anything is possible if you truly believe in yourself.

So with that being said, CCHS senior class of 2023 let us strive to always live to the fullest and never miss out on that opportunity to make another memory. So go to that football game, ask that special person to the dance, and most importantly have fun, and remember the good old days are now.