Great Back to School Study Tips


Saturn McIntire

Getting back into the swing of things can be difficult, but something most students can agree on is getting good grades. So let’s start this year right with some study tips for this school year that might be helpful to you!

  1. Be better organized: Being organized can encourage you and make it easier to study. Being more organized will also make it easier for you to find your notes and reading material for your studying.
  2. Plan out your study sessions: Planning out your study session can keep you more organized and give you a greater sense of accomplishment when a block of study is complete.

  3. Take handwritten notes in class: Sometimes it’s better to stick to the classics. Only writing the main points of your class notes with too much clutter can make notes harder to read and more confusing, be short and concise but understandable, and finally writing notes by hand can make it easier to memorize them.

  4. Make a study group | Teamwork makes the dream work: Being in a study group can be very beneficial and oftentimes way more fun than studying on your own. Study groups can also improve teamwork and problem-solving and you would be able to ask questions you may not have been able  to get answers to on your own.

  5. You have to engage yourself: Re-reading your notes and textbooks won’t ingrain the information into memory you need to test yourself on the material to learn it.

  6. Variety is the spice of life: Drilling yourself on only one concept can cause you to forget or confuse other answers, drilling yourself on more than one concept can lead to better retention and better memorization  of the unit as a whole.

  7. Use the pictures: Pictures and visual models are a very good study tool as it helps to visualize the topic which will help with comprehension and memorization.

Tips from CC students related to study advice:

Klayton Kauffman, 12, said that his favorite method of study was taking notes. He finds this useful because it keeps it clear in his mind for the test.

Brock Schofiel, 12, said his favorite study method is the Pomodoro technique which is studying for 25 minutes with zero distractions with 5 minute brakes in between.

Emma Bonine, 12 said that her favorite study method is Gimkit which she finds very useful for tests and assignments because it gives instant feedback.