Who’s your Favorite Teacher at CCHS?


Mason Ritchey

CCHS has a whole lot of good teachers, but who our some of student’s favorites? For this article, I interviewed three students on which teacher they like best and why.

Zach Boyd, 11

Zach Boyd said his favorite teacher is Mrs. Kilbreath. “I like Mrs. Kilbreath’s class because of all the activites we do. I also like she doesn’t give out homework that often. What I really love about the class though is  that we can work with whoever I want.”

Caleb Runkle, 11

Caleb said his favorite teacher is Mr. Connor. “I enjoy being in his class because I like to draw, and Mr Conner teaches art. I’ve had Mr. Connor almost every year, and I like that he challenges my artistic skill in art.”

Gary Fletcher, 10

Gary said his favorite teacher is Mrs. Allen. He told me “ I like Mrs. Allen’s class because I love to do the engineering stuff”. Gary also told me that he had Mrs. Allen’s class for two years and she’s always been my favorite teacher. He loved doing projects in the class and he loved to work with everybody in his class. Gary also told me that he loved to see everything he was going to learn in Mrs. Allen’s class.”