The Best Summer Memories


Remi Taniguchi

With summer having come and gone and fall right around the corner, reminisceing about seasons past is here. Let’s be honest, summer is the best season. For me personally, this summer was unforgettable because my dream of studying abroad in the U.S. came true! Truly, there is nothing that you can’t do in summer!

Fun fact: summer vacation in Japan is only a month! Surely, if you were able to spend about three months on summer vacation, there are bound to be a lot of special memories, right?

Here are some interviews from students that made some fun summer memories.


1.What did you do this summer?

2.What were your favorite memories?

3.What do you want to do next summer?

Alyssa Shive, 11

1. Worked hard, read a lot of books, and went to a lake.

2. Fishing with her dad.

3. Trip to Costa Rica

Jada Adadey, 12

1. I worked a lot, and also went to see a lot of colleges.

2. Took a trip to Texas.

3. Get in better shape and go out anywhere.

Jayla Anderson, 12

1. I danced a lot.

2. I went to California.

3. Travel somewhere!

I’m glad to know that they have had a great time this summer! What did you do? Leave a comment below!