Capital City Student Fashion

Bianca Vargas

Clothing trends come and go, and always seem to come back as the years go by. Most individuals enjoy expressing themselves through their clothing, and here at Capital City High School, we see that a lot. 

There are many different types of styles currently trending. For example. street wear: which consists of a graphic tee, baggy jeans, and sneakers. Then there is a grunge look:  more of an 80s and 90s rock style with flannel shirts, jeans, combat boots, and layered chokers. Cottagecore: is for those who love the picnics/outdoors vibe, and their aesthetic involves flowy midi-dresses with their hair down and perhaps a bow. Finally the VSCO girl: they go for a more chill vibe, and their typical outfit would feature white sneakers, high waisted denim jeans or shorts, and an over-sized t-shirt, hair up in a messy bun with scrunchies, and accessorized with humble trinkets like a seashell necklace or charms. 

Trending Tops |

Let’s break the fashion down starting with tops. Tops are extremely crucial when it comes to an outfit, it’s what everybody sees. There are a variety of tops like over-sized t-shirts, crop tops, tube tops, tank tops, sweatshirts/ hoodies, etc.

Trending Bottoms |

Up next bottoms, bottoms make or break an outfit for example there are leggings, sweatpants, or if they prefer jeans, what type of jeans low mid or high rise, ripped, straight leg, boyfriend, or skinny.

Trending Accessories |

Accessories are a way to spice up an outfit. Gold and silver is the way to go when coming to jewelry. Hats and caps all depend on the outfit. 

Adamaris Sandoval Adamaris Sandoval, 11

About her: She has four siblings, a niece and a nephew; She loves to dance and party; She would like to start her own business after high school. 

“How would you describe your style?”

Adamaris: “My style is a bit of everything but I would say that it’s a bit more vaquera and a bit girly. ”

“Why do you dress the way you do?”

Adamaris:  “It’s trendy, and I’m confident in my style.”

“If you could choose any other style other than your own what would it be?”

Amadaris:   “I would choose maybe an old school style or perhaps a chola/ chicana style, because it is a part of my culture.”

“How do you like to accessorize?”

Adamaris:  “I like to wear necklaces and bracelets. I always have to have my nails done because they make me feel confident. I also feel bald if I don’t have on my lashes.”

Madison Kempker Madison Kempker, 11

She’s the baby out of three, has two nephews and one niece; She works two jobs, one is at a gym and the other is Dairy Queen; Madison enjoys reading, hanging out with friends and loves her dog.

“How would you describe your style?”

Madison:  “I don’t dress to impress, I love to be comfy, and wear hoodies. I guess you could say I’m a bit sporty.”

“Why do you dress the way you do?”

Madison:  “I feel closed in when I dress up, I don’t feel light myself.”

“If you could choose any other style other than your own, which one would you choose?”

Madison:  “I would choose street wear. It’s stylish and looks comfy enough.”

“How do you like to accessorize?”

Madison:  “I always wear my pearl earrings, gold necklaces because they are simple. I always have a scrunchie or hair tie on my wrist.”

Adriana Juarez Adriana Juarez, 11

Her nickname is Nana; She loves cats and dogs, and she is first born daughter of her family; She likes the dark and considers herself  “weird”.

“How would you describe your style?”

Nana: “I think my style is more comfy yet versatile.”

“Why do you dress the way you do?”

Nana: “I dress the way I do because all of my clothes are comfy enough to sleep in. I can sleep anywhere at any time.”

“If you could choose any other style other than your own, which one would you choose?”

Nana:  “I would do a mix of all styles. A bit of street wear and grudge would be my top pick.”

“How do you like to accessorize?”

Nana:  “I like to accessorize with anything that catches the eye. I like stars and colors that pop out.”

Many students here at Cap City have many different styles and clothing choices but everyone is unique. How do you like to style your clothes? Leave a comment below!