My Top 4: Breakfast I Enjoy!

Nataly Ortiz

Eggs with Sausage | A simple and delicious breakfast that can be made in minutes, making it perfect for those busy mornings. The dish is a simple scramble of sliced hot dogs and eggs. It can also be served with some delicious beans and tortillas.

Scrambled eggs with Chorizo (Spiced Mexican pork sausage) | This dish can be served with a stack of hot tortillas,  beans, and a great salsa of your choice . This is one of my favorite breakfast choices. It’s really easy to prepare and you can have it on the table in under 15 minutes. This dish is mostly best eaten on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

Cereal | You could never go wrong with cereal and milk in the mornings. Cookie Crisp is one of my top favorite cereals out there. They were constructed to look like chocolate chip cookies. It is quick and easy to prepare in the mornings when your in a rush.   

Licuado | A drink made by blending fruit like bananas or strawberries, milk, and ice.