Impulse Buyers of CCHS

Eddie Odneal

I, myself, am an impulse buyer. I see my paycheck hit and immediately open Amazon to browse through the virtual halls of everything you could ever want. I am trying to cut down on it, though seeing the product of my impulsivity in the mail can make me long for more. In this article, I asked CCHS Students what were some of their most impulsive purchases, and results were collected via Google Form.

Adam Alonzo, 12 

According to his responses, Adam often makes purchases on a whim. His best impulsive purchase was a lightsaber, he thought they were cool and wanted one of his own. Personally, this is a 10/10 purchase. Very cool.

Lauren Webb, 12

Lauren makes impulse purchases on occasion, and her most unique purchase was… five bags of candy corn. “I was really craving candy corn, and Walmart had run out halfway through August.” Frankly, this is a 7.5/10. Candy choice could be better, but this is the peak of impulse right here.

Haylen Holliday, 10

Haylen stated on the Form that she occasionally makes impulse purchases. Her favorite purchase was a huge squishmallow named Hal, and her reason was that he was “cute.” Perfectly valid reason, he is cute. 10/10!

Allison Theissen, 12

Allison’s story is a sweet one. She often makes buys on a whim, but her most memorable one is a tattoo of her cat’s paw prints. She got the tattoo to memorialize her cat after she died, to make it look like the paws are walking on her. This has got to be the sweetest sudden purchase I’ve ever seen! 11/10!!

Layla Risse, 12

Layla rarely makes impulse purchases, but nevertheless, her most unique is a collection of tiny ceramic houses. She bought the first few from the Salvation Army, thinking their little backstories were cute, but now she has.. too many of them. 40 to be exact. This entire plot is relatable, which bumps it to a 9.5/10.

Zach Azar, 12

And last but not least, Zach is another one of our rare impulse buyers. He stated that his best purchase was his own new guitar! He wanted his own for when he moves out, and that is a wonderful reason. I give this a 6.75/10, simply because that must have taken a LOT of money saved, and I feel that pain.

Honorable Mentions

Braeden McConnell (11), who has an entire list of tea party and picnic supplies they plan to buy as soon as their paycheck hits; Cheyanne Willis (12) who will suddenly buy things from TikTok she thinks she needs if it seems necessary; Payton Ratcliff (10) who bought cat sunglasses because, and I quote, “they slay”; and Shamier Sullivan (12), who bought a $50 dollar water bottle to feed their water bottle obsession.

To close it all off, here is the Deadpool plushie I bought on a whim at midnight one night. Have a wonderful day Cavs, and spend your money wisely!