Luci’s 5 fav board games


Lucia Howser

Everyone has their favorite board games but as always, mine are clearly superior. For a board game to be good it needs to have the perfect balance of skill, chance, level of fun, and complexity. A game that is too simple get’s boring fast but a game that has too many rules and a confusing gameplay method will just leave players checking the instructions every 5 seconds which totally ruins the mood.

5. Secret Hitler

Released in 2016, this game is relatively new in comparison to most other games on the list, however, it’s already beginning to establish itself as a cult classic. The gameplay is similar to mafia as liberals try to rat out the fascists. It might take a second to fully understand how to play but once u get it it’s pretty easy yet still fun. Great game to play with friends but be careful playing with family as u might just get written out of someone’s will.

4. The Game of Life

Albeit a little gimmicky there’s no question as to whether or not The Game of life is a classic. It came out in 1960 for its parent company, Milton Bradley, 100th anniversary. My favorite part of this game is the pieces. As a child (and now tbh) I loved spinning the little…spinner thingy in the middle. I also think the little cars are adorable although I definitely ate quite a few of the people.

3. Twister

Some may argue that this doesn’t really count as a board game, However, the spinner is on a board so i say it counts. Twister is actually much more popular than most people would think.  It came out in 1966 and pretty much since the beginning there have been twister tournaments all around the world. It’s fun, and it’s a great way to get a little yoga in your lifestyle.

2. Mousetrap

I always assumed that mousetrap came out in like the ’90s however, it actually was released in 1963. Though the actual gameplay is quite simple, I’d argue that just putting the game together is a puzzle in itself. I kid you not, whenever I had indoor recess in 4th grade my friend in I would spend the entire time just trying to put it together. I don’t think I could ever get tired of seeing that little ball roll and the mouse trap come down. It is one of those games where if u lose one piece, it’s practically unplayable, however, I would have no qualms about buying an entirely new set every time I want to play.

1. Catan

Also known as Settlers of Catan, or just Settlers, this game is not only my favorite game, but I think it’s the best board game ever created. It’s easy enough to get the hang of yet it requires a heavy amount of strategy to actually win. This is the kind of game that I’ve gotten into actual fistfights over. Every edition has its own perks which is saying a lot for a board game. I was genuinely surprised to find that it came out in 1995, as it has the vibes of a ’70s game. It’s just one of those timeless activities that never gets old.